How To Find The Right Foundation Repair Company In Your Local Area

Finding A Good Reliable Foundation Repair Company

Architecture, House, 3D, DesignAccording to the Digital Journal – foundation repair can be caused by settlement and upheval according to the following article:

Identification of several common causes of slab foundation damage include settling and upheaval. Settling happens to every type of building in the time following construction. This can trigger problems for the home. Another cause of slab issues is upheaval. It occurs when parts of the slab moves upward. Usually it is the result of moisture getting into clay soil or improper design of the structure.

When the slab on which the house sits becomes damaged, it shows up as a crack or series of cracks. There is a need for support for the structure in order to stop further damage. In this instance, the major repair is to place foundation piers constructed from concrete or steel. When issues in the foundational slab are due to settling, they can be fixed by placing helical piers or piles. These provide bolstering to the slab and eliminate the risk of additional settling. When steel piers and concrete pilings are placed, it lifts the slab and helps to restore it to its original position.

Kitchen, Home, Interior, Modern, RoomWhat follows up with foundation repair issues are home improvements.  This is usually the time most home owners decide to also upgrade their homes via remodeling.  Damage can take its toll and not everyone can afford to remodel after the fact.  However there are generous businesses out there that actually care for people and thus have been giving away their renovation services to help the needy according to Newsday Paper:

Gina Cantone-Centauro, her brother, Michael Cantone, and her husband, Vincent Centauro, have been repairing and remodeling homes across the Island for more than a decade.

But for the past two years, the trio who run the Franklin Square-based home remodeling business Truly Unique Designs has been doing it for free.

“Families would call us to repair a bathroom, but when we’d get there, we’d find out that the need was actually far greater,” said Cantone-Centauro, 47, who explained the financial struggles of working-class people hit close to home for the couple, who at the time were taking care of two of their parents who were sick. “And we’re not referring to repairs of a frivolous or aesthetic nature, we’re talking living conditions. In those situations, Vinny and I would just make the decision to go ahead and fix whatever else needed repairing.”

One of the latest technique in foundation repair is bronze bar rods that stabilize the slab and overall foundation of any given structure.

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